Eat Mumbai make the most of India foodie capital

yikyoMouth-watering Mumbai is India’s top destination for gastronomic indulgence. A culinary cornucopia of flavors from all over India and the world collide here, elevating the metropolis to the proud status of India’s foodie capital. The kaleidoscope of aromas, spices and tastes cover everything from Mughlai kebabs, Goan vindaloos (spicy Portuguese-inspired curry) and Mangalorean seafood to Parsi dhansak (hot and sour lentil and lamb stew), Gujarati and Keralan thalis (‘all-you-can-eat’ meals), world-class Thai and Indo-Chinese cooking, and a dizzying street food scene that is a reason to visit Mumbai all by itself.

Mumbai cuisine has been shaped by centuries of seasoning at the hands of Koli fishermen, Hindu dynasties, Muslim sultans and Portuguese and British colonists. All have converged on this flourishing trading port through the years, importing their own culinary know-how. As India’s most cosmopolitan city, Mumbai casts the culinary net worldwide, with abundant restaurants offering the flavours of Europe, the Middle East and East Asia to the city’s expats and backpackers, and to Mumbai’s rich and famous elite.

Colaba is where you’ll find the majority of cheap eats, usually aimed at the foreign backpacking

Safety tips for women travellers in India

ufoutSome women travellers, and especially solo women travellers, are reassessing their travel plans in India following the fatal rape of a local Delhi woman, and the gang rape of a Swiss tourist. These much-publicised Delhi cases have sparked protests and opened up discussion about violence against women in India and new legislation has subsequently been passed.

You’re very unlikely to experience violent crime as a woman traveller in India; it’s sexual harassment that you may experience – more so in tourist towns and larger cities in the north of the country. Rude comments, voyeurism, and men ‘brushing against’ or groping women are all common.

Come prepared for this: be ready to make a fuss when it happens, and don’t let it put you off experiencing beautiful, chaotic India.

What’s the current advice for women travellers to India?

Although crimes against women in India, including foreigners, are on the rise, incidents are still rare.

Foreign governments give a wide range of advice on travelling to India. Canada advises its citizens simply to avoid travelling alone, especially at night, on public transportation or in

24 hours in Mumbai

jltdsBe prepared to be jostled, hurried and incessantly chatted to as you soak in the trendy yet traditional vibe of Mumbai.

24 hours isn’t nearly enough time to explore all the highlights of this intoxicating city, but this whistlestop tour will help you catch the flavour of Mumbai: serene mornings by the sea, alternative cafes, crispy local snacks, the rush of great bargains and memorable nightlife. To make the most of a single day, it’s best to hire a cab and zoom between experiences.

Spend the morning in Bandra

The aroma of freshly baked bread starts wafting from the A One Bakery on Hill Rd well before daylight, helping you kick-start the day as early as you want. Get a goody bag of cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins to accompany you into the narrow lanes of Ranwar, which sprawls behind the bakery and into graffitied Chapel Street.

Mornings are the best time to explore. You’ll see the area’s 200-year history gradually unfolding as you pass balconies hanging from colonial homes and huge Christian crosses. Neck-stretching urban art in psychedelic colours drapes the walls

Satisfy your Pangs of Hunger with Online Food Delivery Services at Your Doorstep

Do you take orders online? This question has evolved among every customer who enjoyed food of a particular restaurant. The answer is ‘No’. Imagine how disappointing it would be hearing the answer! Earlier days, food could only be ordered over phone, but, with the launch of several online food ordering websites, order can also be placed online. With an easy ordering procedures, you simply need to register by providing your mail id and contact number. Once, you are verified, you can log in to your account and select the city you reside in. After you select the city, the next step lies in selecting your neighborhood. Here you would come across the number of restaurants available in your neighborhood that has significantly tied up with the food ordering websites. Selecting particular restaurant enables you to browse online menus, select dishes, compare price and confirm your order. The estimated delivery time frame would be mentioned by the restaurant on website. Following are the major advantages of ordering your food online.


Variety: Earlier, you had the choice of only those restaurants whose information you had, but with online system, you have wide number of

Cab Facility in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of India’s busiest cities and is popularly known as the financial capital of the country. It is but natural for corporates, professionals, businessmen and individuals from all fields to lead really fast and hectic lives here. The fast pace is often hard to comprehend for people visiting from other cities. Mumbai thrives on professionalism, execution and speed of delivery in terms of service, work, projects and so on. The age old adage, Time is money can be aptly witnessed in Mumbai through the lives of most of its individuals, its throbbing spirit and its success mantra for people in diverse fields.


If you are a hard working individual in Mumbai who leads a hectic life, you will definitely bear the brunt of Mumbai’s sluggish public transportation services. Even though there are ample transport facilities, it is very difficult to access the same comfortably during rush hour. There must be some days when you have to travel a lot throughout the city and using public transport is a nightmare. Reaching multiple destinations one after the other on time is not possible with public transportation facilities. As a result, many professionals

Mumbai A Glamour Filled City Which Was Originally A Cluster Of 7 Islands

Mumbai needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular Indian cities and is best known for being the commercial, entertainment, and financial hub of India. Formerly named as Bombay, it is the city that was ruled by the Portuguese, given away as dowry to the British, and became a major centre in India’s struggle for independence. It is one of the most glamorous cities and just often referred as the “City of dreams”.
Contemporary Mumbai is the country’s representation of growth. Equipped with every single aspect of modernization, the city is the “commerce capital of India”. It has every major national as well and international banks and is home to a mass of companies, schools, colleges, shopping malls, super markets, entertainment centres, libraries, art and cultural centres, and more. It has the most number of millionaires and billionaires living in India and is also home to a big population living below poverty line. However, the city’s GDP is highest not just in India but also in South, Central, and West Asia. The city has been ranked as the Alpha World City 2009. Mumbai also ranks amongst the most populated cities in the world.

Explore Kolad an Adventure Town Near Mumbai

Kolad is a village place, which is located approximately 120 kms from Mumbaiand is located at almost the same distance from Pune. It is off the National Highway 17 which is also known as the Mumbai-Goa highway. It is also connected to the financial capital and Pune by day trains, which can be easily availed.


The activities offered at Kolad rank amongst the most popular things to do near Mumbai. Upon reaching Kolad you can opt for staying at one of the 6 hotels that the place has to offer. There also a couple of resorts located in the wilderness for those who want to be closer to nature and enjoy the quiet and beautiful natural scenes around.

Kolad offers river rafting on the Kundalika River and this can be one of the few exciting things to do nearMumbai. There is also the Kolad River Rafting Camp which is famous for providing these rafting services and thus makes most arrangements pretty easy. The Kundalika is a famous rafting site and is developing to be a water sports and adventure hub with the passage of time. There are also a lot of passionate bikes

Affordable and Dependable India Visa Service at Visasrus

Getting visas is not an easy task when you do not know anyone in the embassy. Especially, there are lot of stringent rules and procedures that are in practice in some of the Embassies like the Indian consulate, Chinese consulate and so on. When you are not sure about the procedures and practices followed there, it becomes tough to get a stamping done in time.

When you are not getting visas in time, the entire schedule of your trip or visit or professional meeting can be changed. It can affect business in many ways. To not to let this happen, the best solution here is to hand over the job to the professional visa services that has a great deal of network in operation since so many years now.


The prime advantage for you in doing so is that you can get things done to total perfection without any hassles to face for you in the future. Papers are neatly done in such a way that your visas are through just in time. There will be no hiccups and there will be no need for